Christmas 2010 | Week-to-Week

The season of Christmas has 12 days.  (In fact, the 12 Days of Christmas was a subversive teaching of the beliefs of the Church.)  Therefore there are 2 Sundays that we celebrate Christmas.  This year’s series is called “Jesus is King?” Click here to read more posts about this series.
Week 1 – Dec. 26 – John 1:1-18
This passage shows that part of Jesus being King is that he is Word (there from the beginning, through Him all things are created) and also that He is Light.  The “Light” theme will play out perfectly to move us toward epiphany.  How does Jesus being Light change the people’s perspective of the King they were expecting?

Week 2 – Jan 2 – Luke 2:41-52
This passage is a great throwback to the 2nd week of Advent (“…a little child will lead them.”).  Jesus is teaching the rabbis in the temple while his parents are searching for him.  Already Jesus is showing His true purpose for being here.  Wisdom is important for a king.  How does Christ’s wisdom change the way that we think of this new “kingdom”?

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