Epiphany 2011 | Vegas Commercials via YouTube

Here are some of the Vegas Commercials if you wanted to use any of them during the series.  Some of them are probably not usable due to content but we’ve posted them all for you to watch.

What Happens Here 1
Pearly Gates – Vegas trip pages missing from “God’s book”

What Happens Here 2
Angel and Devil competes with man in Vegas

What Happens Here 3
Guy makes up different jobs trying to pick up women

What Happens Here 4 
Asian lady writes postcard, has to erase part of it

What Happens Here 5 
Women switch wigs in bathroom

What Happens Here 6
Bachelorette Party – (Not really getting married, can’t keep day of wedding straight)

What Happens Here 7
Guy wakes up, happy a girl is in his bed, then shame a guy is there as well

Summer is for Parents
(Camp Vegas – not a “What Happens Here”)

Thanks to Jason Smith for looking these up for us!