Now ‘Til Advent

hey guys.

this coming sunday we are taking some time to share and reflect on who we are as catalyst church. why we are who we are and share what it will take to go to the next level. basically sharing the vision of the church and inviting the new folks to join us in that vision.

following that, we are doing a 3-week series from with dave ramsey (via video). he will be teaching on money. this will be a lead in to his financial peace university program which we are kicking off the first week of october.

we’ll then do a 4-week series on the biggest losers of the bible who were still used by God. 2 from the OT and 2 from the NT.

then we’ll do our annual core values series: love grow serve. this year we’re calling it the “wide open” series: open arms (love), open heart (grow), open eyes (serve). should be good times.

i’ll post the creative stuff in seperate posts so you can see if you want any of them for your church.


unLONE: psalm 23 edition

this is a 5-week look at psalm 23.

week 1 – v.1-2
week 2 – v.3
week 3 – v.4
week 4 – v.5
week 5 – v.6

sermon bumper video
vertical banner
week 1 teaching on video (20min)

email me if you need any of these:

why do we do this? series

hey guys

as many of you already know, during the summer (ordinary time) we take a break from lectionary and do some series that are more topical. we just got finished with oneprayer2009 and for july we are doing a “why do we do this?” series with these 5 topics:


if you would like info on this series and/or graphics, just email me at

you can watch each of these servicees at just click on demand.

lent 2009

we’re continuing to follow the life of Jesus through lent…ash wednesday is feb 25. we’re calling it “The Life of Jesus, Act Two | The Mission.”

the gospel text on the first sunday of lent is one that was already used in epiphany except 1 verse that tells of Jesus going into the desert to be tempted, so we’re going to be using that story out of matthew 4. other than that we are sticking to the gospel readings.

March 1 – Scene One | The Temptation – Matthew 4:1-11
March 8 – Scene Two | The Declaration – Mark 8:27-38
March 15 – Scene Three | The Cleansing – John 2:13-25
March 22 – Scene Four | The Verse – John 3:14-21
March 29 – Scene Five | The Prediction – John 12:20-36
April 5 – Scene Six | The Entrance – Mark 11:1-11

click here to download the sermon backgrounds and announcement slides (16×9 .bmp format)

epiphany 2009 | the life of Jesus, act one

we have decided to follow the gospel passages for epiphany. if you need different versions of the artwork, just email me (

January 4 – The Prologue (Matthew 2:1-13) (this is actually the second sunday of Christmas, but will act as a prologue to the series)

January 11 – Scene One – The Baptism (Mark 1:4-11)
January 18 – Scene Two – The Invitation (
John 1:43-51)
January 25 – Scene Three – The Call (
Mark 1:14-20)
February 1
– Scene Four – The News (Mark 1:21-28)
February 8
– Scene Five – The Healer (Mark 1:29-39)
February 15
– Scene SixThe Leper (Mark 1:40-45)
February 22 – Scene Seven – The Transfiguration (Mark 9:2-9)

i created some backgrounds for using with the scriptures. they’re in 16×9 format. click here to download.

advent 2008 | responses

levi has already had some time to work on these messages and we have some creative responses that we will be doing each week. let us know if you’d like to include these ideas in your advent planning.

week 1 – Zecharia and Elizabeth – lectio divina
quiet reflection on the scriptures of advent. a friend of ours recorded all the scriptures for advent and we will be giving everyone a CD with them all so they can hear the scriptures read and reflect. hearing a different voice reading the scripture can bring different things out of it. we will also include instructions for how to use the CD and a guide to lectio divina.

week 2 – Mary – $5 mcdonalds gift card
use this card to bless a stranger. you can’t use it on yourself or your family. give it to the cashier at the drive-thru on the ticket behind you, or give it to someone in line behind you.

week 3 – Joseph – questions
questions to help people reflect on the scripture, specifically Joseph’s part of the Christmas story.

advent 2008 | media

here is the graphic. if you need it in a different format email me:

we will also be getting a sermon bumper (video to play before the sermon) that will just run through the characters. you’ll need to let us know quick if you want to use this.

we’ll also be doing some funny videos for Mary and Joseph. levi’s got the idea of doing a modern day telling of their story like a jerry springer show. how would we react if someone told us this crazy story?

advent 2008 | characters welcome

we’re going to be following the sermon ideas lined out by preacher’s magazine. We’re gonna be calling it “character’s welcome” kind of a take on the USA Network slogan.

1 – Elizabeth and Zechariah (Luke 1:5-25)
2 – Mary (Luke 1:26-56)
3 – Joseph (Matthew 1)
4 – The Shephards (Luke 2:8-20)
5 – The Angels (Luke 2:9-14)

you could also carry it on into the 2nd sunday of Christmas with the Ephiphany passage:
6 – The Magi (Matthew 2:1-12)

We’ll get some graphics up in a few weeks.


current series: the book of james

hey guys and gals

this past sunday we started a new series at catalyst. we are spending 8 weeks in james. it should be good times.

week 1 – 1:1-12 – trials
week 2 – 1:13-18 – temptations
week 3 – 2:1-26 – deeds
week 4 – 3:1-12 (4:11-12) – tongue
week 5 – 4:1-10 – submission
week 6 – 4:13-17 – life
week 7 – 5:1-6 – wealth
week 8 – 5:13-20 – prayer

here’s the logo:

some songs that we are doing:
blessed be Your name (matt redman)
never let go (david crowder*band)
god of wonders (third day)
this is our God (chris tomlin)
kingdom come (hillsong united)
solution (hillsong united)

lecty break

as we’ve told some people, during the summer and fall (ie. ordinary time) we will be taking a break from lectionary. this gives us a chance to have a little fun with some other series ideas.

we just finished up a series from called “the upside down way of God.” they provided graphics/videos and stuff like that, as well as their sermons for listening and ideas for the series. we wrote our own sermons following the themes but it cut down on me having to create designs from scratch.

there are other great resources that we’ll utilize during ordinary time as well.

we have also been in contact with a local church of christ church that follows lectionary and we are planning on teaming up with them for an advent series and maybe more.

we sure would like to hear what you guys have going on at your churches during the summer.