Now ‘Til Advent

hey guys.

this coming sunday we are taking some time to share and reflect on who we are as catalyst church. why we are who we are and share what it will take to go to the next level. basically sharing the vision of the church and inviting the new folks to join us in that vision.

following that, we are doing a 3-week series from with dave ramsey (via video). he will be teaching on money. this will be a lead in to his financial peace university program which we are kicking off the first week of october.

we’ll then do a 4-week series on the biggest losers of the bible who were still used by God. 2 from the OT and 2 from the NT.

then we’ll do our annual core values series: love grow serve. this year we’re calling it the “wide open” series: open arms (love), open heart (grow), open eyes (serve). should be good times.

i’ll post the creative stuff in seperate posts so you can see if you want any of them for your church.