advent 2009: Christmas time is (almost) here

we decided on our advent series and i worked on all the designs yesterday so that i could get them up here for you.

we’re following the gospel passages for the weeks of advent and Christmas. here they are with a link to read them. (remember, advent is 2-fold. we put our selves in the shoes of the jews waiting for the messiah, but we also await is second coming. thought i’d put that out there.)

Nov. 29 – Luke 21:25-36 – Jesus talking about his second coming
Dec. 6 – Luke 3:1-6 – John the baptist on the scene
Dec. 13 – Luke 3:7-18 – John the baptist calls out the Pharisees
Dec. 20 – Luke 1:39-56 – Mary’s Song

Dec. 27 – Luke 2:41-52 – Jesus at the temple as a child
Jan. 3 – John 1:1-18 – John’s prologue, The Word

We’re also utilizing the advent wreath scripture and meditations found here.

Here’s the list of graphic resources we have:

logo (color, b&w)
horizontal logo (color, b&w)
main slide (16×9)
sermon background slide (16×9)
podcast graphic
website corner
ad graphic (for website, bulletin, etc)
vertical banner – 33.5″ x 59″
poster – 11″ x 14″

just email me at if you would like to utilize any of these resources.
note: once Christmas hits, we’ll just take out the “almost” and be set for those 2 sundays before epiphany.

we also ordered our journals. we will be doing 4 journals and they won’t necessarily be directly tied to our “series” but will be following the gospel reading for the daily office lectionary, year 2. these are meant as supplementary material that would lead people through the story of Christ every day and sundays would preach from the lectionary, year c.