Viva La Corinth

Corinth was pretty much the Vegas of Paul’s day.  So we went all in with that idea in this series. The design featurs an edited “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, and we replaced Mandalay Bay Hotel sign with “The South Stoa,” which was an area of Corinth that had shops and hotels in Paul’s day.

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Viva La Corinth is an Epiphany series following the Epistle readings for Year A.


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The season of Epiphany is a time of seeing God show up in weird places.  He shows up where He’s not expected.  Epiphany is a celebration that God did not just “reveal” Himself to the Jews but also to the Gentiles and to the ends of the earth.  As we finish up Advent with Emmanuel, God with us, it’s fitting that we continue to remind ourselves that God is here, even when we think he shouldn’t be.
Corinth was a place very similar to our current Las Vegas.  It was a place where sin was rampant and planting a church there was very difficult.  Paul had a rough time trying to lead this church and keep them on the right path.  But even with all of their problems and missing it, God was still there.
We will be calling our Epiphany series Viva La Corinth: a Light in the darkness.  It will give us a chance to show the surprise of God showing up and what that means for us as the Church.  We also will be challenged to not segment our lives but allow God to speak to every situation we find ourselves in.
Now the first and last passages of Epiphany are not from Corinthians but they definitely comment on the situation, and will serve as great bookends to our time there.  Acts 1:34-38 sets up the entire season of Epiphany, the Gentiles (and therefore the Corinthians) are “in” because Jesus came for all of us.  The 2 Peter passage is a great way to close the series and prepare our people for Lent.

Viva La Corinth is an Epiphany series following the Epistle readings for Year A.


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