If Only In My Dreams

The concept for this series was that the people of God longed for a day when the Messiah would come.  The prophets spoke of the dreams that God had for them, and they never saw it come to fruition…until Jesus.  The title plays off of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”  A nod to the fact that Jesus arrives on Christmas, but they thought it would only happen in their dreams.

If Only In My Dreams is a Advent/Christmas series following the Psalm* readings for Year C.

*3 of the 4 Advent Psalm readings are not actually Psalms. There are 2 from Luke and 1 from Isaiah.


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Product Description

We’ve been meeting the last few weeks and planning for our advent series.  It’s been exciting to get back together and see the creativity come out in conversations.  We will be going through the songs of each week, usually the Psalms but this year has substitutes, including 2 songs found in Luke and one in Isaiah.
One of the phrases that stuck was this idea of “If Only.”  In the context of, “if only there was a way for me to be more than what i’ve done.” or “if only I could see another way out of this.” or “if only there was a Person that could bring hope into the picture.”
One of the other ideas that we will be addressing is the idea of dreaming God-sized dreams for His kingdom and His people.  Dreaming the same dreams that God dreams for us.
If Only In My Dreams, which is the parenthetical title for I’ll Be Home For Christmas, gets at the mood of the hope for something more, but also brings in the music/song idea. i was thinking, for many people in our churches, they would say that when we talk about the kingdom coming to earth, they may think “only in my dreams” and we can say, no, it’s a reality.  Christ has come and continues to come into our reality and bring heaven here.
We hope that you’ll join us.

If Only In My Dreams is a Advent/Christmas series following the Psalm readings for Year C.


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