here we are boys

this is a blog where we are going to be discussing creative ways of using the lectionary. our plan is to figure out ways of “packaging” scriptures into a series (finding arcs in the storylines), as well as throwing out ideas of what kinds of tools (songs, movie clips, etc.) we can use in the services.

we don’t all have to do the same thing but whatever idea levi and i decide on for our situation, i will be creating artwork for it (logo, slides, backgrounds, maybe postcards, etc.). eventually we’d like to ad video to the package as well (sermon intros, man-on-the-street, etc.). is also a great resource for videos.

if there is anyone out there that you know who uses lectionary and would be interested in joining the discussion, let me know and i’ll give them an invite to the blog.

we’re gonna keep this blog private so we can be blunt about our ideas, as well as retain it’s cool factor from our groups.

go ahead and share your thoughts about what you would like to see happen with this blog and next week we will begin our discussion for sundays after pentecost.