Examples of Resonance

here’s a clip from the new blue like jazz movie where don is pondering whether the evidence for God can be found all around us in the beauty of life.

you can download it for free right now from wingclips.com


The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses because a wind rushes through, creating a sound that is the same pitch as the resonant frequency of the bridge causing it to shake till it collapses, or “dance, till it can’t dance no mo'”. (WIKI).

A wine glass breaking when it’s resonant pitch is played, which gives new meaning to this lyric, “my cup cannot contain all of your glory.”- David Crowder, After All (Holy)

Bugs Bunny cartoon where the opera singer sings a pitch so long that the entire concert hall collapses.

The music brings these otherwise lethargic and, as one of the physicians said, “dead” people to life.

There is a song that is the being sung that when we hear it, we are brought back to life and can’t help but sing along.

Take this example from a physics professor using two tuning forks to explain this phenomenon.