Advent 2010 | Notes on Advent Discussion

Some things to think about as we read and prepare to lead our people through these passages:
What does it mean that “all creation” is reconciled to God?
What is power?
What is the gospel? freedom, good news, The Story, Jesus Himself is the Gospel, He is God’s Word
What is evil in our world today? apathy, meaninglessness, value/worthless, consumerism/greed
Advent is about a joint effort of desperation/expectation for hope and light.  The Word of God is both threat and promise.
This is the story of God’s love, His new covenant, His creativity.  The original song of the church is “The Love of God” before it’s the law of God.
“Christmas Don’t Be Late” is a song of the hopeless.  They need a Savior, and His name is Jesus.
NEXT WEEK… Week by week overview of the scriptures for the 4 weeks of Advent.