Advent 2010 | Christmas Don’t Be Late

The mirage of Christmas promises happiness but rarely delivers. It has come to be a time where we add the pressure of the season on top of our already busy lives leaving us limping through the days, crushed by the weight of expectation. In the end, presents are opened. Christmas is over…finally.

We desperately need the real Christmas, the anticipation of a hope in Christ, to bring joy to the world. To find our value in Him instead of stuff. We gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Business subsides. The things of earth grow strangely dim. Life is breathed into our desperation. We realize again that God is with us. The weight of expectation fades and Christmas…begins.

Join us for our Advent series called “Christmas Don’t be Late” as we expose the mirage of Christmas, and see that there are broken, hungry, and lonely people who need the hope that Christmas brings with it, the hope of Emmanuel, God (always) with us.

Beginning November 28.

– Doug Gunsalus,

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